LIGHTNICS is a young innovative society, founded in 2005 by John SADI and Jérôme LORENZI. As an image processing expert, particularly in resolution enhancement, LIGHTNICS is involved since its very beginning in an intense R&D activity to develop the most advanced image enhancement technologies.

Highly supported by « Région Languedoc Roussillon » at its beginning and winner of the 2004 award of the Contest of Innovative Enterprises organized by OSEO (French Innovation Agency) and the Ministry for Research, LIGHTNICS has been able to turn its R&D activities into a commercial product: LIDER, the best performing technology to enhance the resolution of images provided by any type of image sensor.


Strengthened by this technology, LIGHTNICS has opened a Design Service division specialized in image processing applied not only to restoration but also to other areas of interest for our customers: measure & control, pattern recognition, objects tracking, etc. As machine vision is a whole field on its own, our Design Service division also offers Design capabilities in optical measure and control, including lightning issues.

Our Design Service division provides customized design studies and customized consultancy for well-known and demanding customers such as CEA (French Nuclear Energy Agency), who are constantly looking for state-of-the-art technological competencies.

While the projects on which LIGHTNICS team is working are differing from one another, they have in common complex image processing issues.

LIGHTNICS sets itself apart from the large extent of projects it has worked for customers in different fields (automotive industry, security systems, military, etc.) : analyses of display systems, design and development of image processing software,design of opto-mechanical and optoelectronics devices...

////LIGHTNICS, offers its technologies and services to:

- optical systems manufacturers willing to enhance their devices' performances or to make them evolve
- any manufacturer having an issue which can be solved by optical and/or image processing means.

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