LIGHTNICS can help you solving issues related to optics and/or image processing by performing ad-hoc studies. Our team of engineers will provide its very deep expertise and know-how while working on your project to offer you the solution best fitted to your needs and constraints.

/// More precisely, we are able to operate in any of the 5 followinf fields:

  • Image processing, particularly on issues regarding resolution increase and noise reduction.
  • Machine vision lightning.
  • Optics.
  • Data acquisition, be it hardware (sensor) or software (interface) 
/// Among the studies performed for our customers, the mose common ones follow :
  • State of the art. LIGHTNICS gathers a team in the forefront of last technologies related to image formation and processing. Its engineers regularly publish their works in international refereed scientific journals and conferences. Because you need to know exactly what the state of a technology is at the moment, LIGHTNICS can give you an up-to-date vision.
  • In-depth study of a complete vision system's performances LIGHTNICS bring apart the different elements of an entire vision systems in order to take it to the test and score precisely its performance levels. LIGHTNICS own all the required instruments to build testbenches specifically adapted to your needs. Our engineers have a long experienced know-how to evaluate the results.

/// Sample application :

  • Testbenches dedicated to the measurement and comparison of LCD screens with LED backlighting from various manufacturers: backlighting uniformity, contrast, angles of vision in both dimensions, absolute luminance, LED spectra.

  • Budget planning consultancy. Starting from a complete study of your needs, LIGHTNICS estimates all the foreseeable expenses by category, required by your imaging system. LIGHTNICS behaves as an independent consultancy agency, with no specific link with any other manufacturer. While defining budgets, we anticipate all possible hidden costs (training, maintenance, compatibility with standards and norms,...). By doing so, you can figure out very precisely the entire span of expenses and make decisions concerning budget planning or technological choices in order to obtain the best cost-effective solution.

  • Comparison studies between competing optical systems. LIGHTNICS can help you decide between many possibles solutions at any level of an optical system. You can provide your own criteria or define them with us: price, technical specifications, adaptation to a specific constraint,... LIGHTNICS will give you all relevant information so you can make the best possible choice. 

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