LIDER enables one to transform a video sequence of visible or infrared images taken in low resolution into a high definition sequence.

  • Used in long range vision, LIDER avoids the use of an expensive and weighty zoom.
  • Used in short range vision, it gives rise to level of details barely seen in the infrared.

Compatible with still or moving vision systems and with any generation of sensor, its application range is huge. LIDER focuses primarily on customers with a crucial need for precision and detail in their vision systems.

/// Examples:

  • Homeland security and defense Infrared vision systems are mainly used in harsh conditions: low light levels together with long ranges. LIDER integration enables their use in these extreme conditions, where infrared vision systems quickly reached their limits. 

  • Medical imageryResearchers and doctors ever want more image precision, to see more details, in order to identify with more security specific anatomic structures. Doing so, they can get better diagnoses. LIDER integration in the vision instruments housed in their laboratory or hospital upgrades these aging instruments while limiting costs. 

  • Electronics R & D
    Frequently, identifying which electronics part or wire is causing overheating onto a board is a difficult issue during the development phase of new products. With LIDER technology and an infrared camera, this is no longer such an issue as more infrared image precision gives rise to better defect detection and localization onto the board. The overall development time -and its associated costs, are thus reduced. 

  • Electrical and thermal control in buildings
    These controls are very often mandatory, depending on specific country regulations. When LIDER is used with the infrared cameras used for these controls, it shows a great time benefit as it enables to take a few pictures farther away versus a lot of closer pictures.

  • Industry
    The integration of LIDER in existing machine vision systems upgrades these systems to the level of new ones, while being a better cost-effective solution. Increased levels of precision and detail thus enable more accurate controls. By doing so, the huge past investments can be further optimized by an increased life cycle. This converts into highest returns on investment for the manufacturer.

Cameras, sensors or vision systems manufacturersby embedding LIGHTNICS technology with their devices, they increase their performances and thus gain an undoubtful competitive advantage. And a lot more: they can increase significantly their revenues by offering upgrade services to their customers to improve their aging equipment in a cost-effective way...

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