LIGHTNICS covers 3 expertise fields: image processing, optics, optoelectronics to help you cope with all aspects involved in the design and development of an imaging system (cf. schematic below)and bring you all relevant answers.



LIGHTNICS behaves following two main guiding lines:.

  • As a Consultant:
    During the design and development process of your imaging system, LIGHTNICS stands by you to let you take advantage of its expertise, to ascertain your technical decisions and to solve other type of problems. According to the level of complexity of your project, we define, in agreement with you, a milestones planning together with a number of consultancy days placed within.

  • As a Subcontractor:
    LIGHTNICS can be more deeply involved in the design or development of your system by becoming your subcontractor. We can indeed design or develop a complete operating vision system or only a part of it. Either in design-only projects or in design and development projects, we make sure you receive a complete technical documentation as soon as our mission is completed: CAD draws, technical data (algorithms, diagrams, theories involved), suppliers data, component references and so on. As long as image processing software engineering or optical hardware design and development are involved, you can confide in our team to materialize your ideas. 

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