For all customers who need high performances imaging systems, LIGHTNICS is able to develop and build a complete imaging system. These systems could integrate LIDER: LIGHTNICS proprietary technology, if required by the specific needs of the project.

LIGHTNICS analyses your needs, defines a list of constraints and establishes the expected performances according to the later. Our team will use its entire expertise in many fields to design and build the best image processing softwares, opto-mechanical and optoelectronics devices adapted to your most demanding needs in terms of performances, robustness, integration into an existing system...

/// Examples of optical and imaging devices designed and built by LIGHTNICS:

candelight           printcheker

             CANDELIGHT           PRINT CHECKER            

CANDELIGHT is a photometer particularly well adapted to LEDs and lasers intensity measurements (laser diodes, gas or solid state laser). It prooves itself usefull in the field of quality controls, in-line bin sorting, laboratoiry measurements, display control and comparison (LED, OLED, Laser, CRT, LCD), traffic lights assessment, homogeneity control of lighting systems...

PRINT CHECKER is a digital « magnifying glass » which is dedicated to the assessment of printing quality and to the observation of microscopic details. This device is used for quality controls (printing defects on various surface types: paper, cardboard, cloth during machine settings, assessment of surface states, textile fibres inspection...). It is also used in security (crime scene investigation), identification and assessment of printed informations (identity cards, bank notes...)

For customers with needs in precision marking, beam control for optical holographic memories, for excitation or granulometry measurements, LIGHTNICS tailors customized beam deflectors at required precision.

For customers working in fields where precise translation is mandatory: precision marking, camera motion control, biological samples handling,... LIGHTNICS tailors highly precise customized translation stages.

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