L.I.D.E.R [ Lightnics Infrared Definition Enhancement & noise Removal ]

Developed and patented by LIGHTNICS, this technology enables one to enhance the performance of any vision system by increasing to 25fold the pixel count of digital images provided by any sensor. In addition to enhance resolution, LIDER perfoms noise reduction at the same time.

These two main advantages turn LIDER as the leading technology to make the infrared world passing into the high definition era.


- Integration into any generation of sensor /camera.
- Adapted to all types of usage: still object/camera to mobile ones.
- Real time performance in its embedded version
- Multiplies by 25 the image pixel count ( which translates into 30% of additional vision range)
- Ability to synchronize with an optomechanical microscan device (for still object/camera conditions)


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