Totally flexible, LIGHTNICS technology can be hosted by either still or mobile vision systems. According to the very specifications of the vision systems being equipped, two integration modes can be considered:

/// LIDER integration on a still vision system:

  • The object and camera are still or moving very slowly (medical field, R&D, etc)
  • LIDER technology from LIGHTNICS is provided as a software hosted in a PC linked with the vision system. 
  • The camera itself is equipped with an optomechanical microscan device. 
  • The images sent by the camera are processed with the PC software. 
  • Computation times range between 0,25 s to 10 s, according to the wanted output resolution.

LIGHTNICS Techno embedded in a still vision system

 /// LIDER integration on a mobile vision system:

  • The object and camera are mobile (building, defense, homeland security, etc.)
  • The software including LIDER technology from LIGHTNICS is embedded in an electronic board linked to the sensor.
  • The electronic board and the sensor can be housed in the camera. 
  • The main advantage of this integration mode is to enable real-time processing of video sequences.

 LIGHTNICS Technology embedded in a mobile vision system

For a demonstration of performances of the LIDER technology, feel free to contact us.

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