List of publications

1995 :

«Color Holography», P. Meyrueis, J. Sadi, M. Torzynski, D. Vukicevic, Journées Maxwell, 6-9 juin 1995, Bordeaux.

«Lippmann Holography», S. Casset, J. Sadi, M. Torzynski, D. Vukicevic, Journées Gabriel Lippmann, 21 octobre 1995, Luxembourg.

«Reaching the Diffraction Limit in Coherent Imaging Systems by Superposing Speckle Patterns», J. Sadi et D. Vukicevic, Optics and Information, SFO digest, 23-26 octobre 1995, Mulhouse.

1996 :

"Statistical Criterion for Speckle Averaging", J. Sadi et D. Vukicevic, CLEO/ Europe'96, 8-13 septembre 1996, Hambourg, Allemagne.

1997 :

''Speckle Phase Averaging in High Resolution Color Holography", J. Harthong, J. Sadi, M. Torzynski et D. Vukicevic, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, Février 1997, p.405.

1998 :

''Photographic emulsions'', J. Sadi, Trinoculaire 98 des microscopies, 29 juin - 3 juillet 1998, Illkirch.

2005 :

''LED display colorimetric calibration'', J. Sadi, Colloque CMOI - Marseille.

2006 :

"Photometer for in-line measurement of LED light intensity", J. Sadi, N. Kolem, P. Pfeiffer, I. El-Hafidi, Colloque CMOI Mulhouse.

2007 :

''LED display color calibration'', J. Sadi, Revue d'Electricité et d'Electronique.

"High Resolution Infrared Imaging For Electric And Electronic Testing", J. Sadi, Colloque CMOI Bordeaux.

"Evaluation of LED photometric measurements", J. Sadi, H. Ben Ammar, Colloque CMOI Bordeaux.

2008 :

"High resolution images obtained with uncooled microbolometer", J. Sadi, A.Crastes, SPIE Orlando, USA.

2010 :

"Pre-processings influences on high resolution reconstruction", Thomas Misrahi, John Sadi - Colloque CMOI Toulouse.

"High-rate detection of 2D barcodes under various lighting conditions", Alexandre Adam, Thomas Lamberti, Thomas Misrahi, John Sadi - Colloque CMOI Toulouse.

2013 :

"Dual Band (MW & LWIR) Polarimetric Target Discrimination", C. Greenway, R. Simmons, B. Greiner, J. Lepley, M. Bray, J. Sadi - MCM-ITP Conference, 22-23rd May, Lille.

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