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22-23 May 2013 - Lille: MCM-ITP Conference
Lightnics speaks about its partnership with MBDA and Selex. We also show our Dual Waveband Polarimetric Imaging demonstrator at the exhibition.

2nd October 2008 - Paris: Opto Show
Lightnics arrange meetings with partners in the booth n° 1.F.8 (PopSud association).

19-23 November 2007 - Arcachon
Lightnics presents the first results of its high resolution technology applied to the infrared at the "Contrôle et Mesure Optiques pour l'Industrie" conference (French Optical Society).

7-9 June 2007 - Paris, porte de Versailles : European Show for Research and Innovation (SERI).
Lightnics presents its innovations: CandeLight Photometer, PrintChecker & Easy Photo Corrector software.

20-24 November 2006 - Mulhouse
Lightnics shows its photometers dedicated to LED intensity measurements at the "Contrôle et Mesure Optiques pour l'Industrie" conference (French Optical Society).

17-19 October 2006 - Paris: Opto Show
Lightnics presents its products and softwares.

3-6 April 2006 - Strasbourg
Lightnics demonstrates the principle of its High Resolution Device for the visible range at the Innovation Village along the SPIE Europe conference.

21-25 November 2005 - Marseille
Lightnics presents results of its works at the "Contrôle et mesure optiques pour l'industrie" conference from French Optical Society.

November 2004 - Shenzhen (China)
Lightnics introduces Easy Photo Corrector at the China High Tech Fair held in Shenzhen.

June 2004 - Paris
Lightnics wins the French contest of Innovative Enterprises organized by French Ministery for Research and French Innovation Agency (Oseo-Anvar).

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