LIDER technology improves the performances of any sensor generation.
  • Increase image size
  • Decrease the equivalent-size of pixels
  • Performs noise reduction

Hence the low cost sensors can be upgraded to be transformed into highly efficient ones in a cost-effective approach. The mainstream or high class sensors become the most performing in the market.

/// Examples:

  • A 25µm / 160 x120 sensor turns into a 17 µm / 800 x 600 sensor.
  • A 35 µm / 320 x 240 sensor turns into a 25 µm / 1600 x 1200 sensor.

All configurations are available...

All configurations  


LIDER technology diminishes by 30% the equivalent-size of the pixels coming from your 35 µm or 25 µm current sensor: it is as if your sensor had pixels 30% smaller! 

resolution enhencement

graph test 1

LIDER technology can increase image size 5fold (along each dimension)


LIDER technology reduce the noise level of images coming from your sensor.

Noise reduction

Noise Reduction test 2

LIDER technology is compatible with every sensors in the market, be they working in the infrared or visible range. The more difficult image capture conditions you experiment, the more efficient our LIDER technology will be.

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