Customer needs regarding image processing are strongly dependent on their field and applications. This is why LIGHTNICS designs and develops software solutions tailored to your own specific needs, be they: dimension measurements, assessment control, pattern recognition or object tracking.

/// LIGHTNICS is different from other software companies as:

  • We only develop image processing software addressed to a specific need / issue.
  • We bring together various competencies inside a specific team dedicated to your project: lighting, color, image restoration, pattern recongnition or object tracking experts as needed.

This working philosophy ensures that our softwares will house the most efficient algorithms (and only them) to address a specific issue: image restoration, feature measurements, resolution enhancement, pattern recognition, object tracking...

/// Examples of softwares designed and developed by LIGHTNICS:

  • 2D Body Scanner
    Software for automatic anthropometric measurements. It works with a standard camera (visible range). It is used for making automatic measurements in the field of clothing or fat-loss tracking & measurement during a diet in the field of health and nutrition.

    2D Body Scanner

  • TES [Text Enhancing Software].
    Specifically dedicated to enhance characters recognition, it performs well in optical devices such as scanners, video surveillance systems for license plate recognition.


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